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BORNIT® Easy-Primer FB

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short info

BORNIT® Easy-Primer FB
is a sprayable, solvent-based polymer that combines the properties of a primer and an adhesive. It is for primer and better bonding u.a. used by BORNIT® Alu tape.

Color: light beige

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spray can

Can contents sufficient for approx. 40 m of joint flank.


detailed information

Product Description:
BORNIT® Easy Primer FB is a sprayable, solvent-containing polymer, which unifies the product characteristics of a primer and an adhesive.
Using the special spraying can with the 3-stage overhead valve, all joint flanks for the connections in asphalt surface construction are primed without any effort and simultaneously provided with an adhesive film.
Therewith, BORNIT® Joint Tapes can be adhered to the connection seam without flame heating and without additional tools. BORNIT® Easy Primer FB adheres well to the respective substrate, is quick-drying, and has an excellent adhesive strength for adhering BORNIT® Joint Tape.

Areas of Application:
BORNIT® Easy Primer FB is used for priming and for temporary adhering BORNIT® Joint Tapes in asphalt road construction.
• Priming and adhering of BORNIT® Crack Tape on asphalt surfaces
• BORNIT® Easy Primer FB adheres to all asphalt surfaces

Your Advantages:
• Primer and adhesive in one product
• Joint tape applicable without flame heating
• Simplest handling without additional tools, like brushes or rollers
• No tool cleaning
• Economical
• Very good adhesion and adhesive strength
• Quick-drying, approx. 3-5 minutes flash-off time

Technical Data in short:
Type Adhesive, aerosol, solvent-containing
Base Synthetic rubber and hydrocarbon resins
Colour Light-beige
Density at 20 °C 0.70 g/cm³
Consistency Sprayable
Application Spraying can (sprays only in the downward direction!)
Processing temperature min. +5 °C
Storage Dry, product is not sensitive to frost
Storability In closed original containers at least 12 months. Keep away from ignition sources!

The substrate must be dry, clean and free from grease. Loose components must be removed prior to application of the primer. Dry moist flanks using hot air.
Prior to processing, shake the can thoroughly for approx. 1 minute.
BORNIT® Easy Primer FB is sprayed on by pressing the spraying valve (overhead application), at a distance of approx. 10 cm, uniformly to the joint flank at a film width of approx. 25 mm.
The layer thickness is determined by the 3-way valve (settings high/medium/low). Only spray in the downward direction! Holding the valve in the upward direction, only propellant leaks! This may result in the fact that the can cannot be completely emptied.
Adhesion of the joint tape may take place after a short flash-off time (approx. 3-5 minutes)! Following use, clear the nozzle holding it in the upward direction in any case.

Can contents sufficient for approx. 40 m of joint flank.

BORNIT® Easy Primer FB can be stored for approx. 12 months. The product is insensitive to frost! Protect against direct solar irradiation and keep away from ignition sources.

Health and Safety:
• Do not store in the proximity of food; do not eat, drink or smoke while working; observe elementary hygiene rules
• Avoid inhalation of fumes and aerosols
• Highly inflammable according to operational safety regulations (Betr.-SchV); rotect against solar irradiation and temperatures above 50 °C

Do not use in enclosed spaces!

nly pass on completely empty containers to recycling. Material residues can be disposed of according to AVV- ASN: 160505 WASTES NOT STATED ELSEWHERE IN THE LIST; (gases in pressurised containers and used chemicals; gases in pressurised containers, except for those under 16 05 04) and non-cleaned packaging according to AVV-ASN: 150110* (packaging containing residues of hazardous substances or contaminated with hazardous substances).

400 ml – Spray can....................12 cans per box..........105 boxes per pallet


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Note technical rules!

Protect from direct sunlight or high temperature


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