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BORNIT® Hot Sealing TL

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short info

BORNIT® Hot Sealing TL
Bituminous hot sealing compound for sealing joints in  compliance with ZTV Fug-StB 01 and DIN EN 14188-1 (CE) in concrete roadway surfaces, for repair work on asphalt  pavement as well as for jointing concrete construction elements in building and civil engineering, stretchable at least 5 mm at -20°C. Prime with BORNIT® Hot Compound Primer.

Color: black

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10 kg
25 kg
80 carton
32 carton
approx. 1.1 kg/liter joint capacity
tests / CE declaration of performance
Declaration of performance - in Annex III of Regulation (EU) No 305/2011.
BORNIT®-Heißvergussmasse TL


detailed information

BORNIT® Hot Sealing TL is a polymer modified bitumen compound filled with mineral substances and organic additives. It must be melted on a temperature of 180°C and is made for hot application in joint sealing. Through the high flexibility and quality the material has a elasticity of 25% of the joint width after hardening. It is not affected by water or salt, it is watertight and has a long service life time. The quality corresponds to the Swiss SNV 671 625 standard, the American US-SS-S 164 standard and the German ZTV-Fug StB 01 standard.

BORNIT® Hot Sealing TL is used to seal joints on concrete roads and places or concrete sections in building and basement constructions. It’s also usable for asphalt joints, the flexible connection between asphalt and concrete parts and for the repair and filling of cracks in asphalt roads.

Technical Data:
Type bitumen hot sealing mass
Base bitumen (polymeric), filler
Colour black
Density 1.10 g /cm³
Consistency can be poured after melting
Application poured onto asphalt
Melting temperature 180°C
Temperature when poured about 160°C
Storage protect from sunlight and dampness
Storage period at least 12 months

Requirements according to DIN EN 14188-1 to hot to be processed joints masses type N2 normal
Used in the tests Primer: BORNIT® Hot Compound primer

properties after
DIN EN 14 188
Test methods Unit requirements /
typical value
Softening EN 1427 °C > 85 90 - 95
Density at 25 ° C. EN 13 880-1 g/cm³ 1,02 -1,12 1,05 – 1,11
Cone penetration at 25 ° C EN 13 880-2 0,1mm 40 - 100 55 -65
Ball-penetration and elastic recovery  EN 13 880-3 % < 60 30 - 50
Heat resistance, cone penetration EN 13 880-4 0,1mm 40 - 100 66
Heat resistance, elastic recovery EN 13 880-4 % < 60 36
Flow length, initially EN 13 880-5 mm < 3 2
Flow length, after heat stress EN 13 880-5 mm < 3 2,2
Compatibility with asphaltene EN 13 880-9 - passed passed
Adhesion and elongation capability, -20 ° C
- tensions
- Residual stress after end
EN 13 880-13

≥5mm/ 0,75
≥5mm/ 0,75
Adhesion and extensibility
after immersion in water, -20 ° C
- tensions
- Residual stress after end
EN 13 880-13



≥5mm/ 0,75
≥5mm/ 0,75

- tensions
EN 13 880-10 -
< 0,48
additional Features        
Ball test
-20 ° C, 5 m height
DIN 1996-18
SNV 671917
- 3 v 4  undamaged 4 v 4 undamaged

The joints must be clean and dry. Any remains of oil or greasy substances must be removed, as must any non-cohesive particles. The joint is cleaned using compressed air immediately prior to the product being poured. It is then essential that the inside edges of the joints is primed by using BORNIT®-Hot Compound Primer.
 The sealing substance is unpacked from its carton and the box is removed, after which the substance is placed in the melting pot in small pieces. The maximum melting temperature of 180°C must be adhered to. Stir the melted substance constantly, so that local overheating or creaming does not occur.  Always only melt the amount of the substance, which can be used during the working period, because repeated melting can lead to changes in the properties of the substance. In the case of the onset of rain, it is necessary to temporarily interrupt work!

Approx. 1.1 kg of the sealing compound for each litre of joint volume.
The consumption of the BORNIT® Hot Compound Primer for  priming before is approx. 4% of the weight  of the sealing compound.

The product’s storage period is at least 12 months. It is necessary to protect the cardboxes from moisture and direct sunlight.

Only empty containers may be recycled. Residual product according to GCU ASN: 170302 (bituminous mixtures other than those mentioned in 170301) to be disposed of.

10 kg in a cardbox....................80 cardboxes on a pallet
25 kg in a cardbox....................32 cardboxes on a pallet


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  DECLARATION OF PERFORMANCE  - in Annex III to Regulation (EU) No 305/2011
  Safety Data Sheet
  Technical Information

  Product image - BORNIT® Hot Sealing TL - 15 kg  [2.990 KByte]
  Product image - BORNIT® Hot Sealing TL - 15 kg  [2.230 KByte]


Protect from direct sunlight or high temperature

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