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BORNIT® Reactiv Asphalt 20

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Quick Facts

BORNIT® Reactiv Asphalt 20
Reactively hardening asphalt mix for repair and maintenance of streets, sidewalks, railroad platforms, drives and courtyards, light and without mixing cold workable, after compacting immedia-tely ready for traffic, for asphalt and concrete streets of all load classes, excellent stability and durability, below 0°C can be installed, can be built on, recyclable, solvent-free and environmentally safe, grain size 0 to 2 mm


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approx. 25 kg/m² per cm layer thickness
BORNIT® Reactiv Asphalt 20 - 30 kg

Detailed Information

Product Description
BORNIT® Reactive Asphalt is a one component and fast hardening repair material for asphalt surfaces. The material is prepared for cold using und cures with water and air humidity. It can be driven on immediately after compacting. It’s possible to built over BORNIT® Reactive Asphalt by HMA. In it’s cured condition the material is equal to a cooled out hot mixed asphalt and features excellent stability. BORNIT® Reactive Asphalt consists only environmentally friendly raw materials, does not contain any volatile solvents or flux oil and is recyclable. The product is not sensitive to frost an can even be applied by temperatures below 0°C (pay attention to application details).

Areas of Application
BORNIT® Reactive Asphalt can be applied on roads of all load categories in layer thickness of 5 to 20 mm (Reactive Asphalt 40) and/or from 10 to 50 mm (Reactive Asphalt 80). It’s used for filling potholes, levelling out height differences, filling wide cracks or joints, for construction small ramps, for repairing breaks in concrete or cast asphalt surfaces and for application in the area of railway station platforms and patching jobs after manhole repairs.

Your benefits
be worked cold, and set ready
no mixing times as multicomponent products
• after installation and compaction immediately accessible and stable
• fast curing and durable
with hot mix asphalt-top mounting
• can not be sensitive to frost and at temperatures below 0°C
installed by one person without sophisticated instruments

The substrate must be free of loose debris, standing water, ice, snow, dirt, or any release agents. When installed on concrete, thin layers or to improve the adhesion, we recommend the subsoil and the edges of old appliances with BORNIT® Bitumen Primer Fix pretreat. Because of the special spray can with the easy-to 360 ° tilt valve can easily small surfaces without the use of additional tools are primed. The product penetrates well into the ground, looks up dust and dries faster than conventional bitumen primers. After complete drying of the primer with the installation of BORNIT® Reactive Asphalt can be started.

The base layer temperature can vary from summery hot t late-autumnal cool. In case of of application below 0°C move BORNIT® Reactive Asphalt to a warm room to improve processing results. Remove any ice from base layer and do not spray with water. Curing will take longer. The base layer must be clean, free from loose parts and dry or only slightly moist. Usually it’s sufficient to sweep thoroughly. When applying on concrete, in case of thin layers or to prepare the edges of joints spray the base by BORNIT® Bitugrund Fix and let dry it. Now open the bucket, apply the material to the base layer and spread out thickly with rake or trowel. Sprinkle the Reactive Asphalt layer with enough water ( approx. 1 l water for 25 kg mixture). Compact the mixture well. In small patches thorough stamping will be sufficient. In larger surfaces we recommend the use of a lawn-roller or a vibratory plate. Slowly moving traffic will not affect the freshly compacted layer.

25 kg / m² per cm thickness

This product must be stored in a cool and absolute dry place. If it’s originally closed it can be stored at maximal 6 months.

Only empty containers may be recycled. Residual product according to GCU ASN: 170302 (bituminous mixtures other than those mentioned in 170301) to be disposed of.

30 kg-PE-bucket...................27 buckets each pallet


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