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BORNIT® Dachbit

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BORNIT® Dachbit
Solvent-free, polymer modified protective coating based on a high-quality bituminous emulsion, ecological alternative to traditional bituminous coatings. It is worked cold and can be used anywhere, unthinned it can be used as a sealing cover  coating on a wide variety of common construction substrates with a inclination of at least 3°. The product can be brushed on, rolled on and airlessly sprayed on. Tested in compliance with AIB by the MPA Sachsen.
protect against frost!
Color: black

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5 liter
10 liter
25 liter
75 container
45 container
18 bucket
approx.0.5 liter/m² for 1 passdepending onsubstrate (2 coats recommen-ded)
BORNIT® Dachbit - 25 liters


Stock Note
Green Line, Solvent-free!


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