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BORNIT® Basement Primer

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short info

BORNIT® Basement Primer
Solvent-free polymer bituminous primer for priming concrete, plaster and masonry surfaces, thin consistency, brush-on and spray-on, quickly drying, for use as primer for BORNIT® 1K (Thick Bitumencoating)BORNIT® 2K (Thick Bitumencoating), BORNIT® 2K Flex (Thick Bitumencoating), BORNIT® Profi 1K Express, or for BORNIT® Flexbit and BORNIT® Unibit.
Protect against frost!
Color: black

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5 liter
10 liter
25 liter
60 bucket
44 bucket
18 bucket
approx.0.2 liter/m² depending onsubstrate

detailed information

Product Description    
BORNIT®-Basement Primer is a bitumen emulsion based, solvent-free, non-polluting flat coat for bitumen emulsion coatings an thick bitumen coatings .
The product is certificated by the Testing Institute for Construction Materials, Dresden.

Area of Application    
BORNIT®-Basement Primer is inalienable for the preparation of mineral surfaces in front of processing of BORNIT®- Thick Bitumencoatings 1K, 2K and 2K Flex.
BORNIT®-Basement Primer has good stick properties on concrete, masonry, plaster.
It penetrate the building material, bind dust and dry quickly. After drying the flat coat is thin enough to ensure a fast drying of the thick coatings.

•    fast drying
•    high penetration into the surface
•    easy application, because the product is ready to use
•    universal use, priming in many cases
•    does not contain solvents
•    better connection between underground and thick coatings

Technical data    
Type                                  bitumen emulsion                                               
Base                                  bitumen, additives                                 
Colour                                brown-black                        
Density                              approx. 1.00 g /cm³                           
Consistency                        liquid                        
Application                         brush, spraying equipment                      
Application temperature      min. +5°C
Storage                              dry and frost-free                          
Storage period                    12 months in unopened packing                             
All surfaces must be clean, frost-free and free from oil, grease, loosely adhering parts.
Any missing sections, damaged concrete or plaster and cracks or openings must be repaired before application.
Do not use BORNIT- foundation bonding primer, if the temperature of the base and the atmosphere is less than +5°C. At normal temperatures, the product is ready to use.
BORNIT®-Basement Primer is applied by using a brush or  a spray gun.

approx. 0.2 l/m²   depending on underground

Method of delivery    
 5 l container    75 containers on a pallet
10 l container    45 containers on a pallet
25 l plastic bucket    18 buckets on a pallet


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