... Jörg Schramm takes on a new area of esponsibility.

Dec 02 2021
BORNIT® at the Conference Asphalt Pavements 2021 in Budweis

BORNIT® presents itself in Budweis (CS) at the "Conference Asphalt Pavements 2021 "

Nov 25 2021
Brückenabdichtung mit BORNIT®-Fundamentflex 2K

Bridge structures are sealed with BORNIT® 2C Flex Bitumen Thick Coating!

Jun 24 2021
BORNIT mit neuen AGBs

BORNIT® has revised its General Terms and Conditions of Business, Delivery and Payment.

Mar 01 2021
Politik bei BORNIT

Building chemicals industry heavily burdened by countless rules and regulations.

Nov 06 2020