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BORNIT® Flexbit (Bitumen Latex Coating)
Highly flexible bituminous latex coating for the insulation of roofs with a inclination of at least 3°, it can be used on concrete and bituminous substrates, solvent-free, highly elastic and crack-bridging coating, high fracture strain of 370%, UV-resistant. .

Color: black

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5 liter
10 liter
25 liter
60 bucket
44 bucket
18 bucket
approx.0.5 liter/m² for 1 passdepending onsubstrate
BORNIT® Flexbit - 25 liters (Bitumen Latex Coating)

detailed information

BORNIT® Flexbit is a high-quality, rubber-latex-modified bitumen emulsion for seamless, extensible and water-tight protective coatings for the most different areas of application in structural and civil engineering. In its hardened state, the coating is weather- and UV-resistant, and may be used inside as well as outside. The product is solvent-free and following thorough drying, it forms a highly elastic, crack-bridging protective coating against water and moisture.

BORNIT® Flexbit serves the renovation and sealing of aged, bituminous flat roof sealings as well as the protection of new concrete roof surfaces (e.g. prefabricated garages) against weather impacts. The product may be used on concrete, plaster, brickwork with full mortar bedding or bituminous substrates. BORNIT® Flexbit is not suited for corrugated bitumen plates. BORNIT® Flexbit may also be used for protection of components in contact with the ground against ground moisture (not for structural sealing according to DIN 18533) as well as for intermediate sealing on horizontal surfaces, as e.g. balconies, terraces, basement floors and tiles under the floor pavement.
BORNIT® Flexbit is also suitable for polymer bitumen webs.

•    high fracture strain of 370 %
•    also suitable for polymer bitumen webs
•    highly elastic and crack-bridging
•    easy application, because the product is ready to use
•    universal use, hydro-insulation in many cases
•    does not contain solvents
•    economical from the point of view of low tool and application requirements

Produktdaten in Kurzform
Type Bitumen rubber coating
Base asphalt emulsion, latex rubber
Solvents none
Colour black
Density 1.00 g /cm³
Consistency heavy liquid
Application brush, sprayer
Resistant to rain each coat after about 3 or 4 hours
Temperature during use at least +5°C to +30°C
Storage in heated stores with a minimum temperature of +2°C – it must not freeze!
Storage period in the original, closed containers 12 months
Water transmission as per AIB, 2 bars over 8 hours
Vapour transmission 0.31 g/m² x d
Cleaning when fresh, using water, after drying using BORNIT® Bitumen Stain Cleaner
Diluter water
Harmful substances during work none
Danger classes (VbF and ADR) none

The surface must be free from voids, large cracks or ridges. Dust, dirt, grease and oil have to be removed.  The base must be absorbent. It may be damp, but not wet.

BORNIT® Flexbit is delivered ready for application – it might have to be stirred briefly. Apply with a previously moistened lambskin roller, broom, brush or a suitable spraying device (airless). For spraying, it might be necessary to dilute BORNIT® Flexbit with a little water to the desired consistency. In case of highly absorbent and sanding substrates, BORNIT® Grundbit has to be used as primer.

The coating takes place with undiluted BORNIT® Flexbit in at least 2 layers. The second layer is applied following drying of the previous one. BORNIT® Glass Mesh Fabric inserted into the coating increases stability against mechanical stress. Following thorough drying, BORNIT® Flexbit is water-tight and weather-resistant.

BORNIT® Flexbit must not be applied in rain, with too high air moisture (mist) or frost (sensitive to frost!). During processing, the substrate and ambient temperature must not undercut +5°C and should not exceed +30°C. Clean work equipment with water immediately after use.

During the first two days following application, the coating has to be protected against rain or frost.

Approx. 0.5 litres / m² per coat (2 coats recommen-ded)

The storage period in the original, closed containers 12 months.  It is necessary to protect the product from frost!

Only empty containers may be recycled. Residual product according to GCU ASN: 080410 (adhesives and sealants containing wastes other than those mentioned in 080409) to be disposed of.

5 liter bucket....................60 buckets on a pallet
10 liter bucket....................44 buckets on a pallet
25 liter bucket....................18 buckets on a pallet


Stock Note
Green Line, Solvent-free!
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