BORNIT® Grundbit

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short info

BORNIT® Grundbit
Brush-on and spray-on polymer-bitumen primer; solventfree, odorless, can also be used on matt damp substrates –
penetrates deeply into the absorbent substrate, especially recommended for interior work. Priming for bituminous emulsion
coatings and weldable sheeting. Optimal primer for the Greenline products BORNIT®-DachbitBORNIT®-Flexbit and BORNIT®-Unibit.
Note: According to the circular of the German Trade Association for Building Construction (11/05), the use of bitumen primers on the basis of emulsions is expressly recommended for work indoors!

Color: black

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5 liter
10 liter
25 liter
60 bucket
44 bucket
18 bucket
approx.0.2 liter/m² depending onthe substrate
BORNIT® Grundbit - 25 liters

detailed information

Type and characteristics:
BORNIT® Grundbit is a brush- and sprayable, quick-drying elastomeric bitumen primer with excellent adhesion to common building substrates. The product is environmentally friendly, because it contains no solvents.

Areas of application:
BORNIT® Grundbit is used a primer for pre-absorbent and non absorbent surfaces before laying of sheeting or used as a primer for subsequent bitumen emulsion paints (eg BORNIT® Flexbit, BORNIT® Unibit). The product can be used in the interior and exterior of roof and floor areas. BORNIT® Grundbit adheres well to concrete, masonry, plaster and all common building substrates that are compatible with bitumen. BORNIT® Grundbit meets the requirements in the field of roofing and waterproofing for new constructions and renovation according to “flat roof guidelines” to ZVDH, “Technical rules-abc of bitumen membranes” of vdd.
Note: The use of bitumen emulsion-based primers (BORNIT® Grundbit) is strongly recommended, according to Bau-BG-circular (11/05) for working indoors!

Your advantages: 
• environmentally friendly because solvent-free
• outstanding bond strength (on metal)
• frictional adhesion
• economical use
• reclosable packaging

Product data:
Art Bitumen emulsion
Base Elastomers, bitumen, aggregates
Solvent water
Color fresh brown, dried black
Density at 20°C 1,00 g/cm³
Consistency runny
Processing Sprayer, brush, roller
Storage frostempfindlich!
Storability Sensitive to frost! In original sealed packaging at least 12 month
Cleaning When fresh with water, in dry state with BORNIT®-MultiClean, BORNIT®-Bitumenreiniger
Regulation on dangerous substances and ADR None
GISBAU-product code BBP 10

The surface must be clean and free from oil and grease. Loose particles are removed, damaged areas, cracks and holes should be repaired before. The surface may be slightly damp, but not wet.
Observe when use on metal surfaces necessarily: The surface must be clean, dry and oil- and grease-free.  If necessary degrease and roughen the metal.

BORNIT® Grundbit will be processed cold. Stir briefly before use. The primer can be applied to the surface by brush, roller or spray, or injection procedure.
TIP: It is recommended that the tool before and during use, easy to wet.
 It is recommend to moisten the mold slightly before and during processing. The product may not be processed at +5°C and above +30°C ambient and object temperature. BORNIT® Grundbit must only be applied in dry weather and under no circumstances in case of frost or rain or imminent rain, respectively. Following use, immediately clean the respective piece of application equipment with water. Before laying the sheeting it is to ensure that BORNIT® Grundbit is completely dry. The drying time depends on weather conditions, ambient and surface temperature and absorbency of the surface. It is about 2 hours by +20°C. On metal surfaces, the drying time may b extended depending on the weather.

ca. 0,2 l / m² (depending on the absorbency of the surface)

BORNIT® Grundbit must be protected from frost. Effects of heat above +30°C and direct sunlight should be avoided. In original sealed packaging at least 12 month.

Only recycle completely emptied containers. Materials residues can be disposed off according to AVV-ASN: 080410 (Adhesive and sealing compound wastes except for those falling under 080409).

    5 l bucket.....................60 buckets per pallet
  10 l bucket.....................44 buckets per pallet
  25 l bucket.....................18 buckets per pallet


  Technical Data Sheet
  Safety Data Sheet

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  product image - BORNIT® Grundbit - 10 liter  [2.040 KByte]
product image - BORNIT® Grundbit - 10 liter  [1.388 KByte]
  product image - BORNIT® Grundbit - 25 liter  [2.522 KByte]
product image - BORNIT® Grundbit - 25 liter  [3.703 KByte]


Stock Note
Green Line, Solvent-free!


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