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BORNIT® Joint Tape

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quick facts

BORNIT® Joint Tape
Highly elastic, fusible bitumen joint tape with high inherent tack and good adhesive properties; easy to install, for flexible joint and seam connection in road construction for edge and construction joints between asphalt and concrete, for seam connection during repair work with cold and hot asphalt, ageing-resistant, resistant against high traffic and weather impact. Compliant with ZTV Fug StB 15. Prime with BORNIT® Hot Compound Primer or BORNIT® Hot Compound Primer Fix.

Color: black

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detailed information

Product Description
BORNIT® Joint tape is a modified polymeric bituminous joint tape designed and manufactured to be used in traffic asphalt roads. It is easily to process by melting on with a flame and sticking on a clean asphalt edge. The product has excellent High Temperature properties (PG 94+) and Low Temperature characteristics (Grade < -40).
The quality characteristics are following German Technical Terms of Delivery „TL bitFug 82“ and “ZTV Fug StB 15” (Standard Pourable Sealing Compounds for Concrete Joints) .

Areas of Application
BORNIT® Joint Tape is used for an easy and durable insulation of joints. Using BORNIT® Joint Tape prevents future maintenance because joint is no longer the weakest point. The tape compliance relieves stress build up and prevents moisture damage in pavement. It provides a better connection between the old and new asphalt and between mixed road materials.

BORNIT® Joint Tape is used for:
- Road construction and repair of road surfaces
- Cable trench construction
- Road installations

and especially suitable for:
- Longitudinal joints in Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) surfaces
- Transverse joints in HMA surfaces
- Joints between concrete and HMA
- Utility cuts
- Curb and Gutter joint to HMA

Technical data:
Type bitumen profile tape
Base polymer bitumen, additives, filler
Colour black
Density at 20°C (DIN 52 004) 1,10 g/cm³
Consistency solid
Softening point acc. to ring and ball test (DIN 52 011) 95°C to 103°C
Falling-ball test acc. to Herrmann, falling height: 5 m at -20 °C (DIN 1996/18) passed: 4 out of 4
Sedimentation tendency when in hot condition (DIN 1996/16) <= 3 weight per cent
Cold bending behaviour at 0 °C no cracks

To apply BORNIT® Joint tape, the vertical and straight edges of the joint must be free of sticking dirt, dust, grease, fuel and oil. The road installation must be cleaned.
By processing BORNIT® Joint Tape on dusty surfaces the use of a bitumen bonding primer (BORNIT®-Bitugrund) is recommended to achieve an excellent adhesion and perfect seams. Unwind the roll of joint tape and place it against the vertical cold joint. If the mix is warm, the material will stay in place or require light tapping with a rubber mallet to hold in place. Melt it on by using propane flame if the temperatures are low. The edge of the joint tape should be about 5 mm higher than the surface of the pavement. Remove the non-stick backing paper once the Joint tape is positioned on the joint. If more tape is necessary, overlap the tape in place over the start of the new tape by 10 cm. When the next lane is paved, the Joint tape will begin to melt. Experience shows that the temperature of the asphalt surface is sufficient to heat a 10 mm tape continuously to a temperature of 120°C and thereby ensures a perfect connection. Roll the joint as you would normally. The Joint tape melts and fill the void spaces sealing the joint.

This product should be stored in a cool, dry place until used. Cardboard boxes must be protected from humidity and direct exposure to sunlight or heat.
It can be stored at least 12 months.

BORNIT® Joint tape is delivered as a reeled tape, packed in cardboard boxes. 24 boxes per Euro- Palett

Dimensions for delivery are:
30 x 8 mm 73 m per box
35 x 8 mm 63 m per box
40 x 8 mm 48 m per box
30 x 10 mm 63 m per box
35 x 10 mm 48 m per box
40 x 10 mm 40 m per box
50 x 10 mm 31 m per box

Additional dimensions on request.


Protect from direct sunlight or high temperature

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