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BORNIT® Asphalt Pore Sealer

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quick facts

BORNIT®-Fertigschlämme - 30 kg
BORNIT® Asphalt Pore Sealer
Ready to use bituminous slurry for closing pores of exposed asphalt surfaces on roadway surfaces, breakdown lanes, side-walks and cycling lanes, etc., for sealing bituminous wearing courses, solvent free, environmentally sound, easy to work, compliant with TL Sbit.

Color: black
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approx. 0.8 kg/m² depending on substrate

detaillierte Information

Product Description    
BORNIT® Asphalt Pore Sealer is based on a modified bitumen emulsion with mineral additives. The product does not contain any solvents and it can be used without disturbing the environment. BORNIT® Asphalt Pore Sealer is ready for cold processing, easy to apply and increase the grip of asphalt surfaces.

Areas of Application    
BORNIT® Asphalt Pore Sealer is used as a coating to seal the pores in old and new rough asphalt surfaces on streets, parking lines, car parks, footpaths and cycle lanes and for the sealing of bituminous wearing layers with low traffic load.

All surfaces must be clean and free from oil, grease, loosely adhering parts and all those substances, which could decrease the product’s gripping properties.
After a longer storage period it’s possible that the mineral filling collects on the bucket ground. Therefore it’s necessary to rake up the product by using a mechanical mixer.  The homogeneous product is applied using a rubber scraper or a soft broom. This creates a rough, abrasion-proof surface layer with closed pores. It is possible to then sprinkle the surface with quarry sand. Application must be carried out under favourable weather conditions and the temperature of the base must not be lower than +5°C. If there is the threat of imminent rain or if it is already raining, the work may not be carried out. The subsequent treatment and renewal of the layer may be carried out in all seasons.

approx. 0.8 – 1.0 kg/m²
The maximum dry layer thickness should be 0.5 mm (thicker layers are not recommended!).

Shelf life: at least 6 months. The product must be protected from frost!

This data sheet replaces and annuls all previous technical information about the product. The information has been compiled according to the state-of-the-art of application technology. However, please note that deviations from the operation method proposed in this data sheet may be necessary depending on the condition of the construction object. Unless agreed otherwise in individual contracts, all of the information contained in the data sheet is non-binding and therefore does not represent the agreed properties and conditions of the product. We reserve the right to make changes to the information contained in this data sheet at any time.

30 kg plastic bucket    18 buckets each pallet




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