BORNIT® Cold Joint Sealant

Written by 2010-11-22
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quick facts

BORNIT® Cold Joint Sealant
Stable joint compound, polysulfide based, 2-component, for sealing vertical or sloping joints in buildings and civil engineering, permanently elastic joint sealant with a high degree of mechanical strength. Priming, depending on application, with BORNIT® Concrete Primer or BORNIT® Asphalt Primer. Tested in  compliance with DIN EN 14188-2.

Color: black, grey

4 017228 000336
4 017228 000343
2,5 liters
4 liters
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4 017228 000077
2,5 liters
4 liters
depending onjoint dimension
tests / CE declaration of performance
Declaration of performance - in Annex III of Regulation (EU) No 305/2011.
BORNIT® Cold Joint Sealant - 4 liters

detailed information

Product description    
BORNIT® Cold joint sealant is a flexible, stable 2.coponet joint sealant based on polysulfide for joints with practical extensions to 25% of joint width to DIN EN 14188-2. In cured state BORNIT® Cold joint sealant is an elastic joint sealing with very good weathering and aging resistance and high mechanical strength.
BORNIT® Cold joint sealant meets the requirements of U.S Federal Specification SS-S-200E.

Areas of application    
BORNIT® Cold joint sealant is used for sealing in vertical or inclined expansion joints in structural and civil engineering at mineral and cut asphalt surfaces. In particular it is used to seal joints and cracks in the basement area, to seal joints between finished facade elements made of concrete, to seal joints in tunnels, etc. Horizontal joints with a slope < 3% should be sealed with the self-leveling BORNIT® Cold sealing compound.
BORNIT® Cold joint sealant is used to seal joints between concrete components and between concrete and asphalt surfaces, which are exposed to mechanical stress (driving and walking) and chemical impacts of road salt and temperature-dependent movements of the components.
By using in concrete surfaces BORNIT® Cold joint sealant can be exposed to chemical pollution fuels. The Cold joint sealant is not applicable for joints that are persistently below the surface of liquids (eg swimming pool, clarifiers) or exposed to strong oxidizing acids and bases and joints in facilities for storage, filling and handling  of water pollutants (LAU-plants and glass sealing).

Technical data    
Type                                      2-part polysulfide joint sealant
Color                                      Grey or black
hardness                                ca. 20
Tension                                  ca. 0,3 N/ mm²
Movement capability               25 % of the joint width
Processing temperature           + 10°C to + 35°C
Consistency                            Stable, trowel
Processing time                      ca. 2 hours
Drying (+ 23°C, 50 % LF)        ca. 24 hours
Processing                             scraper, towel, smoother
Storage                                 dry, cool (below 25°C)
Storability                              in original sealed packaging at least 12 months
Cleaning                                 organic solvents

Suitable joints    
The joint edges must be clean, dry, solid, dust and grease free. The joint width must be matched to the expected movement

The adhesive surfaces of the joints to be sealed must be cleaned of dirt, dust, grease, oils, bitumen and loose particles.
Fort he right depth and to prevent three-surface-adhesion the joints used to be backfilled with foamed PE or PU-based round material (closed cell) or mineral wool strips.
After drying the mortar flanks you have to apply the carefully mixed BORNIT®-Concrete primer on concrete surfaces. After a drying time from 0,5 to 2 hours (depending on the temperature, the primer should not be completely dried) BORNIT®-cold joint sealant could be introduced. BORNIT®- Concrete primer should not be completely dried. If more than 24 hours have passed, you have to roughen the primer and apply new primer. On asphalt joints you have to use BORNIT®-Asphalt primer. The asphalt joints must be freshly cut, since otherwise there would be problems of adhesion. The components A and B are mixed carefully and the primer applied evenly with a brush. After an evaporation of at least 6 hours, the sealant may be introduced. BORNIT®-Asphalt primer should definitely be completely dry, otherwise the sealant is to introduce on the following day. In this case, make sure that there is no film of, moisture trough dew point on the primer surface. The components A and B are both layered in structure in the package and nit packaged separately. First mix the components (layers) with a suitable tool (slow-speed drill with mixing paddle stirrer) until no more streaks of color appear.
The joint sealant is then introduced into the joint within the processing time, with a spatula, smoother etc...
The temperature of the sealant should be at least +10°C before mixing the component temperature should not be lower than +5°C. Up to full pressure and a curing time of at least 40 hours, comply a surface and material temperature of +20°C.

Depending on joint dimension in litres.

The product could be stored dry and cool, but frost-free up to 12 months.

Health and Safety    
Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Meet the protection of professional association. BORNIT®-Cold joint sealant is non-flammable in the delivery state and after curing flame resistant

Recycle only empty packaging. Material remains of the component A and B could be disposed after AVV-ASN: 080406 (adhesives and sealant wastes free of halogenated solvents).

This data sheet replaces and annuls all previous technical information about the product.
The information has been compiled according to the state-of-the-art of application technology. However, please note that deviations from the operation method proposed in this data sheet may be necessary depending on the condition of the construction object. Unless agreed otherwise in individual contracts, all of the information contained in the data sheet is non-binding and therefore does not represent the agreed properties and conditions of the product. We reserve the right to make changes to the information contained in this data sheet at any time. We recommend that you take a look at our website for information concerning any changes.

2,5 l tin    4 x 2,5 l / Box    30 Box / pallet
4,0 l tin


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