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BORNIT® Mastic Asphalt

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BORNIT® Mastic Asphalt
Hot-processed repair compound for closing potholes and frost damages, as well as for levelling shafts, drains, etc.,  immediately passable and stable following insertion and  cooling, grain size 0-2 mm (BORNIT® Mastic Asphalt 20) or grain size 0-5 mm (BORNIT® Mastic Asphalt 50).

Color: black
4 017228 008288 (Mastic Asphalt 20) 6800000453 25 kg 40 carton
4 017228 008271 (Mastic Asphalt 50) 6800000454 25 kg 40 carton


Protect from direct sunlight or high temperature
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