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BORNIT® Asphalt Adhesive C40BF1-S (old version)

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short info

BORNIT® Asphalt Adhesive C40BF1-S
Cationic bituminous emulsion made with approx. 40% bindingagent. Quality compliant with TL BE-StB 07. For pre-spraying dirty and aged asphalt surfaces, as a primer for applying asphalt mix or cationic bituminous emulsion. Adhesion promoter in multi-layer structure between asphalt layers of construction classes IV to VI.
protect against frost!
Color: black

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25 kg
190 kg
1000 kg
BORNIT®-Haftkleber C40BF1-S

detailed information

Nature and properties:
BORNIT® Asphalt Adhesive C40BF1-S is a special bitumen emulsion with a high wetting ability. An excellent adhesion on bituminous surfaces is obtained through a small proportion of fluxes. Due to its low viscosity it is sprayable in cold condition. BORNIT® Asphalt Adhesive C40BF1-S according to TL  BE- StB 07 section  C40BF1-S.

BORNIT® Asphalt Adhesive C40BF1-S is used for spraying on dirty, aged, or milled asphalt, which are prepared for the subsequent application of asphalt. It serves as a bonding agent for producing of composite layers in asphalt. BORNIT® Asphalt Adhesive C40BF1-S adheres well to all asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Product data:
Type Bitumen adhesive
Base Road bitumen
Solvent Water
Colour brown, liquid, hogeneous
Cargo  cationic
pH-Area 2...4
Density at 20°C 0,98 g/cm³
Sieve max. 0,5 %
Binder content 38-42 %
Consistency liquid
Application Spray mouse, ramp sprayer or similar.
Processing temperature Not under +5°C – sensitive to frost!
Storage At least. 4 weeks
Storability Protect from frost!
Cleaning Immediately with water, after curing with BORNIT® Bitumen Cleaner
Harmful substances in the sense of working materials regulation none
Regulation of dangerous substances and ADR GISBAU product code BBP 10

Make sure that the ground is fixed, not wet and free of release agents. Standing water must be removed.

An immediate processing after delivery is recommended.
 Filling, storage and surface temperature: at least. 5°C
Processing temperature:  at least. 20°C – to. 50°C 
The cable systems of transportation and processing vehicle may be empty after finishing the work. A longer transport of emulsion should be carried out in full tanks. In order to avoid foaming of the product, work with below-surface filling at filling and refilling.

Immediately after applications with spray equipment must be cleaned to prevent the bonding of jets and pipes with bitumen. For cleaning, apply the relevant provisions of the manufacturer of spray technology.  Don’t mix BORNIT® Asphalt Adhesive with any other named bitumen emulsions or from another producer.

Aprox.. 0,15 to 0,35 kg/m²; depending on the base structure and processing temperature.

The product can be stored for 4 weeks. Before using or filling the adhesive needs to be reagitated for short time. Suitable pumps are for example channel impeller. For direct splashing from barrels, they need to be rolled before  BORNIT® Asphalt Adhesive C40BF1-S is not frost-resistant!

Health, safety and Fire protection: 
At proper use it occurs no health risk. Soiled clothing should be removed from the body and clean the affected areas with plenty of water. Broken emulsion on the skin could be removed with naphtha. In case of oral intake don’t induce vomiting, consult the doctor immediately.
For eye contact with the emulsion, they need to be washed under running water for at least 5 minutes and afterwards claim medical treatment. The product must not reach standing and flowing water, sewer or receiving streams. BORNIT® Asphalt Adhesive C40BF1-S is a product of WGK 1.

Recyle only empty packagings. Material remains could be disposed after AVV-ASN: 080410 (Adhesives and sealants wastes other than those metioned under 080 409).

      25 kg bucket
    190 kg barrel
1.000 kg IBC
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