BORNIT® Reactiv Asphalt 80

Written by 2018-02-26
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short info

BORNIT® Reactiv Asphalt 80
Reactively hardening asphalt mix for repair and maintenance of streets, sidewalks, railroad platforms, drives and courtyards, light and without mixing cold workable, after compacting immedia-tely ready for traffic, for asphalt and concrete streets of all load classes, excellent stability and durability, below 0°C can be installed, can be built on, recyclable, solvent-free and environmentally safe, grain size 0 to 8 mm


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25 kg
30 kg
32 buckets
27 buckets
approx. 25 kg/m² per cm layer thickness
BORNIT® Reaktiv Asphalt 80 - 30kg

detailed information

Type and properties  
BORNIT® Reactive Asphalt is a cold workable, with the addition of water reactively quick-setting repair material for repairs on asphalt and concrete surfaces.
It consists of a mixture of high-quality chippings with special bituminous emulsions and an integrated hardening component.
BORNIT® Reactive Asphalt is environmentally friendly, recyclable and does not contain volatile solvents. Following application and compaction, the repaired spots are immediately load-resistant and have excellent stability. Later on, asphalt can be applied over BORNIT® Reactive Asphalt any time.
Depending on the intended use and application thickness, BORNIT® Reactive Asphalt is offered with various aggregates.

Grain size 0-2 mm = Reactive Asphalt 20
Grain size 0-4 mm = Reactive Asphalt 40
Grain size 0-8 mm = Reactive Asphalt 80

Areas of application
BORNIT® Reactive Asphalt is mainly used for repair work in road maintenance. Since the material can be processed very easily and without great equipment efforts, the skilled handyman, too, can use it to perform repairs on driveways, parking spaces or courtyards himself.
BORNIT® Reactive Asphalt is used to close potholes and breakups of any kind as well as to compensate for level differences in asphalt road surfaces and pavements. The material can also be used to build small ramps or driveways, for filling work after sewer shaft repairs and to repair breakups in concrete or mastic asphalt surfaces.
BORNIT® Reactive Asphalt can be used on roads of all load-bearing categories in layer thicknesses of 3-10 mm (grain size 0-2 mm), 5-20 mm (grain size 0-4 mm) or 10-50 mm (grain size 0-8 mm).

Product advantages
  Cold workable and manufactured ready for processing
 No mixing time as with multi-component products
 Following application and compaction immediately load-resistant and stable
 Quick-setting and load-resistant
 Hot asphalt mix can be applied on top
 Not sensitive to frost and applicable at temperatures below 0 °C
 Can be applied by one person without great equipment effort

The substrate must be free from loose particles, standing water, ice, snow, dirt or any separating substances.
Upon application on concrete, in case of thin layers or for improvement of adhesion, resp., it is recommended to prime the substrate and the edges of the existing material with BORNIT® Bitumen Primer Fix. With the special spraying can with the user-friendly 360°tilting valve, small surfaces can be primed without any problem without having to use further tools. The product penetrates well into the substrate, has a dust-binding effect and dries faster than conventional bitumen primers. After complete drying of the primer, application of BORNIT® Reactive Asphalt can be started.

Apply BORNIT® Reactive Asphalt to the substrate and distribute it with a rake or trowel in a slightly elevated manner. Subsequently, spray the reactive asphalt layer generously with water (approx. 1 l water per 25 kg cold mix). Subsequently, the mix must be compacted well. For small areas, forceful ramming with a hand rammer is sufficient, for larger areas, the use of a vibratory plate or a roller is recommended.
Upon application below 0 °C, BORNIT® Reactive Asphalt should be stored in a moderately warm room for better processing. Do not spray with water in case of frost.
Slower setting must be expected! Following application and compaction, BORNIT® Reactive Asphalt is load-resistant after 30 minutes, at the latest. In order to avoid stickiness, spread fine crushed sand on the surface. Follow-up compaction is achieved with normal road traffic.

Approx. 25 kg/m² per cm of layer thickness

In the originally sealed container, the product can be stored for 6 months.
Opened containers must be immediately consumed and cannot be stored anymore. Store BORNIT® Reactive Asphalt dry and cool.

Only recycle completely emptied packaging units. Material residues may be disposed of according to AVV-ASN: 170302 (bitumen mixtures except for those subject to 170301).

This datasheet replaces any previous technical information about the product. Thus, these are no longer valid. The details have been compiled according to the latest state of application technology. Please observe, however, that depending on the condition of the construction object, deviations from the procedures suggested in the datasheet may be required. Unless agreed otherwise in individual contracts, any information included in the datasheet are non-binding and thus do not represent an agreed product state. We reserve the right to change the information contained in the datasheet anytime.

25 kg-PE-bucket...................32 buckets each pallet
30 kg-PE-bucket...................27 buckets each pallet