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BORNIT® Crack Flex

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short info

BORNIT® Crack Flex
Highly flexible, plastic-modified bitumen compound with special filling materials for repairing cracks in road surfaces, weatherproof, UV-resistant and solvent-free. After drying, elastic, crackbridging and strongly adhesive to substrate. Applied with hand applicator or by machine with the special application tool “BORNIT® Rissomat”.

Color: black

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12 kg
30 kg
Depending on dimension of crack
BORNIT® Crack Flex 30kg

detailed information

Product description    
BORNIT® Crack Flex is a highly flexible, plastic-modified bitumen emulsion with special filling materials for repairing cracks in asphalt road surfaces. Once set, the material is weather-proof and UV-resistant. After complete drying, the solvent-free product forms an elastic and flexible crack bridge against penetrating surface water. BORNIT® Crack Flex is particularly adhesive to the substrate and after drying, in connection with the aggregate, results in a maximum grip surface of the repaired areas.

Areas of Application     
BORNIT® Crack Flex is applied cold and used for the continuous repair of asphalt traffic areas to prolong their service life at low personnel expenses and costs. BORNIT® Crack Flex penetrates well into cracks with a width of over 2 mm and after drying forms an elastic sealing compound for longitudinal and transversal cracks in asphalt surfaces. Finer cracks are flexibly and crack-bridgingly covered with the viscous material. The material is applied either manually with the BORNIT® Handziehschuh (hand applicator) or using the BORNIT® Rissomat for machine application.  

• highly elastic, crack-bridging and good adhesion to the substrate
• cold applicable and ready to use
• after drying, maximum grip of the repaired asphalt areas
• free of solvents, therefore environmentally friendly

Technical Data

Type Plastic-modified bitumen emulsion
Base Rubber-latex, bitumen emulsion
Solvent None
Colour Black
Density Approx. 1.20 g/cm³
Consistency Viscous, thixotropic
Application Hand applicator, BORNIT®-Rissomat
Processing temperature (surroundings and substrate) From +10°C to max. +35°C
Storage Not below +5°C, frost-sensitive
Storage life At least 6 months if kept closed in original packaging
Cleaning With water if fresh or with BORNIT®-bitumen cleaner if hardened
Materials harmful to health in terms of the german substances regulation (Arbeitsstoffverordnung) None
Hazard class according to VbF and ADR None
GISBAU-Productcode BBP 10

The substrate must be solid, clean (if necessary, air-cleaning of the cracks before application of the compound) and free from any separating agents (oil, grease, dust, etc.). It may be slightly moist, but not wet. Larger damaged areas have to be properly repaired in advance with BORNIT® Asphalt Repair Mortar or BORNIT® Reactive Asphalt.

Principally, the repair of cracks should be executed at temperatures above +10 °C and in persistently dry weather (at least over the subsequent 6 hours).
Manual application: Before manual application, BORNIT® Crack Flex has to be stirred up well mechanically using a slow-running agitator. Then the compound is uniformly applied along the crack with the BORNIT® Handziehschuh (if necessary, several layers are applied to work the material well into the crack). Directly afterwards generously spread dry chips onto the treated surfaces (grain size: 2-5 mm). With sufficient chip covering, the crack areas treated that way can be driven over after approx. 30 minutes, depending on the weather. Further drying and subsequent compaction take place under normal road traffic.
Machine application:
With the hand applicator BORNIT®-Rissomat, longer cracks or larger distances (e.g. middle seam cracks) can be treated with BORNIT®-Crack Flex very quickly and effectively. With a hand-operated application lance (a combination of spraying nozzle and applicator), the material is liquefied using the pressure method and inserted deeper into the crack than with the hand applicator. A uniform and optically clean surface structure of the repaired areas is achieved using a grit spreader cart (BORNIT® Streufix), by which the fine chips are optimally spread in the right amount. Please request detailed documents on the application devices separately.
Comment: The complete drying of the material may under certain circumstances take longer than one day and depends on the weather and the crack width-dependent amount of material. During this period, upon driving over the repaired areas, excess material may exit moist at the surface, which, however, does not affect the final properties. Driving over freshly repaired areas should take place at a limited speed only, if possible, and with a warning concerning the lose chippings.

Important note
The causes for cracks in the asphalt are normally stresses and forces caused by most different influencing factors (e.g. insufficient bearing capacity of the foundation, defects during asphalting, etc.). Following an object-dependent service life of the repaired areas, cracks may therefore occur again and thus make a repeated treatment with BORNIT® Crack Flex necessary. A permanent repair of these damaged areas is only possible by eliminating the causes. A more durable repair of cracks is possible by proper milling out and subsequent filling with suitable hot sealing compounds (e.g. BORNIT Hot Sealing TL).

approx. 0.3 kg/running metre, depending on crack size, volume, and method of application

Can be stored for approximately 6 months in the original closed buckets.
It is necessary to protect the product from frost!

Only containers that are completely empty should be handed in for recycling.

This data sheet replaces and annuls all previous technical information about the product.
The information has been compiled according to the state-of-the-art of application technology. However, please note that deviations from the operation method proposed in this data sheet may be necessary depending on the condition of the construction object. Unless agreed otherwise in individual contracts, all of the information contained in the data sheet is non-binding and therefore does not represent the agreed properties and conditions of the product. We reserve the right to make changes to the information contained in this data sheet at any time. We recommend that you take a look at our website for information concerning any changes.

12 kg - bucket    45 buckets per pallet
30 kg - bucket    18 buckets per pallet


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