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BORNIT® Bitumen Primer

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quick facts

BORNIT® Bitumen Primer
Bituminous primer containing solvent for priming concrete and masonry surfaces, primer for welded sheets, thin con-sistency, can be brushed or sprayed on, rapid drying, in compliance with AIB. Not suited for processing in the  interior!

Color: black

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5 liter
10 liter
25 liter
200 liter
75 pails
45 pails
18 buckets
2 barrels
approx.0.2 liter/m² depending onthe substrate
declaration of performance
LEISTUNGSERKLÄRUNG - gemäß Anhang III der Verordnung (EU) Nr. 305/2011
BORNIT® Bitumen Primer - 10liters

detailed information

BORNIT® Bitumen Primer is a thin Bitumen-Solvent-Mixture for priming surfaces of concrete, masonry an bitumen sheets. and can be applied by brush or sprayer.
It does not contain PCK or PCB. BORNIT® Bitumen Primer has been tested as per DIN 18 195. Certificated from the Dresden Testing Institute for Construction Materials.

BORNIT® Bitumen Primer is essential for the preparation of bases as a primer coating prior to the hot laying of asphalt layers or prior to the laying of bitumen sheets.
BORNIT® Bitumen Primer grips well on concrete, masonry and plaster and on all common bases in the building industry, including metals.
BORNIT® Bitumen Primer is also used as a priming agent prior to using BORNIT® Roof Varnish, BORNIT® Anti-Corrosion Paint and BORNIT® Insulation Coating, BORNIT® Joint Tape, which are all applied cold.

• high penetration into the base
• easy application, because the product is ready to use
• universal usage, priming under a whole range of products
• good gripping properties
• economical from the point of view of low tool and application requirements

Technical Data:
Type bitumen bonding primer
Base bitumen, solvents
Solvent white spirit
Colour black
Density 0.86- 0.88 g /cm³
Consistency for brush or spray application
Application large and small brush, sprayer)
Storage not sensitive to frost!
Storage period in the original, closed containers at 12 months. Protect from heat!
Cleaning BORNIT® Bitumen stain cleaner
According to Industrial Safety Ordinance Flammable
GISBAU-Productcode BBP 40
VOC-content < 450 g/l

All bases must be clean and dry and they must not be greasy. Any missing sections, damaged concrete and areas on monolithic floor finish, cracks and scabbing must be repaired.
BORNIT® Bitumen Primer is applied onto the base by brush, roller and sprayer. Any subsequent work can be undertaken after the primer coating has dried! The processing temperature (ambient and substrate temperature) should not fall below +5°C and above +35°C. At normal temperatures, the product can be used without heating and without dilution.

About 0.2 litres kg/m². In according of the base absorbent the consumption can differ!

BORNIT® Bitumen Primer does not have to be protected from frost, as frost does not damage it! In the original, closed containers, the storage period is at 12 months.  It is necessary to protect the product from combustion.

Health and Safety:
Keep out of the reach of children. Do not eat, drink or smoke while working. When working ensure that there is sufficient ventilation!  Pay Attention to the actual version of TRGS.
Do not use in enclosed areas! Only in liquid state flammable and dangerous to the environment. Keep away from fire.
After evaporation of the solvent, there is no more danger for the environment. The bitumen-film is not hazardous for human, as well as the environment. For further information please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet.

Waste Disposal: 
Only empty containers may be disposed of. Product waste is disposed of according to guideline no. 080409* (glues and insulation materials, which contain organic solvents or other dangerous products).

Method of delivery:
    5 l bucket....................75 containers on a pallet
  10 l bucket....................45 containers on a pallet
  25 l bucket....................18 buckets on a pallet
200 l barrel


Note technical rules!


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