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BORNIT® Roofing Adhesive

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quick facts

BORNIT® Roofing Adhesive
High strength special adhesive bitumen-based, for fastening on strips of roofing felt, ready to use, permanently elastic, can be worked cold.

Color: black

4 017228 004419 6800000405 320 ml
20 cartridges per box
approx. 100 ml per linear meter (at a width of 4 cm)
bitumen dachkleber 300ml 150px

datailled information

BORNIT® Roofing Adhesive is a brush-applied, medium viscosity adhesive substance based on bitumen with solvents, but not containing PCK or PCB. BORNIT® Roofing Adhesive has been tested as per the working standard. The certificate from the Dresden Testing Institute for Construction Materials is enclosed.

Area of use
BORNIT® Roofing Adhesive is designed for adhering roof coverings in the form of sheets, mineral insulation and other roof coverings at a roof gradient of up to 12.5%. BORNIT® Roofing Adhesive has good gripping properties on concrete, masonry, plaster, bitumen roofing felt and other roof coverings. When applied to concrete, masonry and plaster (monolithic floor finish), a primer coating must be applied using BORNIT® Bitumen Bonding Primer.

Product features
•    economical from the point of view of low tool and application requirements
•    no seams or connections like films or bitumen sheets

Summarised technical data
Type a bitumen adhesive substance for roofs
Base asphalt, solvent
Colour black
Weight at 40°C 1.0 g/ cm³
Consistency for brush application
Application large and small brush
Viscosity (10mm nozzle, 25°C) a maximum of 15 seconds
Film-forming substances at least 70%
Temperature stability at 70°C no changes
Option of application at +5°C can still be applied
Hardening a maximum of 6 hours
Storage not sensitive to frost
Storage period at least 12 months
Cleaning BORNIT® Bitumen Stain Cleaner
Danger class (VbF and ADR) A II

BORNIT® Roofing Adhesive is an adhesive based on bitumen, which contains a solvent, but no aggregate and is ready for immediate use.

Bases must be dry and free of dust and other contaminants.

BORNIT® Roofing Adhesive is used in its supplied state without heating or additional dilution.

About 3.5 linear metres from 1 cartouche in the case of a 10 mm applied layer

The storage period is at least 12 months in the original, closed containers. The product is not susceptible to the affects of frost during storage.

Health protection during work and fire protection
BORNIT® Roofing Adhesive contains about 25% solvents in danger class A II (combustion point 21…55ºC).
When working in enclosed areas, it is necessary to ensure proper ventilation.
Easily combustible: as per VbF : AII

Waste disposal
Only empty containers may be disposed of. Product waste is disposed of according to guideline Abfallschlüssel no. 080406 (glues and insulation materials, which do not contain halogenioid solvents).

Method of delivery
320 ml cartouche    20 cartouches in a carton
    72 cartons on a pallet



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