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BORNIT® Roof Varnish

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Short Info

BORNIT® Roof Varnish - 10 liters
BORNIT® Roof Varnish
Bitumen roof coating for the first coat as well as for maintaining  and repair of roofing felt, weldable bitumen sheeting and other bituminous coverings, brush-on and spray-on, good  coverage, compliant with AIB, regenerates weathered sur-faces, extends life of roof covering, contains solvent.

Color: black

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5 liter
10 liter
25 liter
200 liter
75 pails
45 pails
18 buckets
  2 barrels
approx.0.4 liter/m² for 1 passdepending onsubstrate (2 coats recommen-ded)

detailed information

BORNIT® Roof Varnish is a brush and spray application material, which is based upon bitumen. It has been tested as per DIN 18 195.
Certificated by the Dresden Testing Institute for Construction Materials.

BORNIT® Roof Varnish penetrates deep into the base and is therefore optimal for regenerating weathered bitumen roof coverings.
BORNIT® Roof Varnish is also used as a protective layer directly after the roof covering has been laid. BORNIT® Roof Varnish is suitable for application onto concrete, bricks and plaster as a protective layer against ground dampness.

• good coverage during the first coat
• easy application, because the product is ready to use
• universal usage, priming under a whole range of products
• good gripping properties
• economical from the point of view of low tool and application requirements

Technical Data:
Type bitumen coating
Base bitumen, solvent
Solvent white spirit
Colour black
Film-forming content at least 60 %
Density at 20°C 0.91-0,93 g/ cm³
Consistencyenz liquid
Application large and small brush, roller, sprayer
Resistant to rain (coating) a maximum of 8 hours
Hardening period a period of 6 hours
Temperature during use minimum +5°C – but not susceptible to frost
Viscosity, 4mm nozzle, 20°C a maximum of 50 seconds
Storage period in the original, closed containers 12 months. Protect from Heat !
Cleaning BORNIT® Bitumen Stain Cleaner
Contains harmful substances during handling when working in enclosed areas, it is necessary to ensure proper ventilation.
According to Industrial Safety Ordinance Flammable
VOC-content BBP 30

Bases must be dry, clean, and free of greasy substances. BORNIT® Roof Varnish has good gripping properties on all bases used in the construction industry.

At normal temperatures, BORNIT® Roof Varnish can be used without heating and without dilution. It is essential to apply two coats.

Approx. 0.4 litre per m²

The storage period in the original, closed containers is 12 months.  It is necessary to protect the product from combustion. It is not affected by frost.

Health and Safety:
Keep out of the reach of children. Do not eat, drink or smoke while working. When working ensure that there is sufficient ventilation! Pay Attention to the actual version of TRGS. Do not use in enclosed areas! Only in liquid state flammable and dangerous to the environment. Keep away from fire. After evaporation of the solvent, there is no more danger for the environment. The bitumen-film is not hazardous for human, as well as the environment.
For further information please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet.

Waste disposal:
Only empty containers may be disposed of. Product waste is disposed of according to guideline no. 080409* (glues and insulation materials, which contain organic solvents or other dangerous products).

   5 l metal pail....................75 pails on a pallet
  10 l metal pail....................45 pails on a pallet
  25 l metal pail....................18 pails on a pallet
200 l barrel....................2 barrels on a pallet


Note technical rules!


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