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BORNIT® Bitumen Adhesive

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quick facts

BORNIT® Bitumen Adhesive
Bituminous cold adhesive, can be brushed on cold, without fil-lers, contains solvent, for the adhesion of roofing sheets, boards, shingles, etc. for roof inclinations up to 12.5%. Adheres to concrete, masonry and plaster, prime with BORNIT® Bitumen Primer.


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5 liters
10 liters
25 liters
75 pails
45 pails
18 buckets
approx. 0.8 l/m² depending  on substrate
 BORNIT® Bitumen Adhesive - 10 liters

detailed information

BORNIT® Bitumen Adhesive is a medium viscosity adhesive substance based on bitumen with solvents, but not containing PCK or PCB. Its used for cold application by brush.  BORNIT® Bitumen Adhesive has been tested by Dresden Testing Institute for Construction Materials.

BORNIT® Bitumen Adhesive is designed for adhering roof coverings in the form of sheets, mineral insulation and other roof coverings at a roof gradient of up to 12.5%. BORNIT® Bitumen Adhesive has good gripping properties on concrete, masonry, plaster, bitumen roofing felt and other roof coverings.
Before using on concrete, masonry, plaster or old, weathered bitumen sheets must be applied a previous coating by BORNIT® Bitumen Primer. BORNIT® Bitumen Adhesive is not suitable for using on synthetics, like polystyrene foam etc..

Technical data                                
Type                                                                           bitumen adhesive substance
Base                                                                         bitumen, solvent
Colour                                                                       black
Density at 20°C                                                       0.93-0.95 g/ cm³
Consistency                                                             medium viscosity
Application                                                                large and small brush, roller
Temperature stability at 70°C                               no changes
Film-forming substances                                      at least 70%
Option of application at +5°C                                can still be applied
Storage                                                                      not sensitive to frost
Storage period                                                         at least 6 months in the closed containers
Cleaning                                                                   BORNIT®-Bitumen Cleaner
According to Industrial Safety Ordinance            Flammable
VOC-content                                                            < 260 g/l

Bases must be dry and free of dust and other contaminants. BORNIT® Bitumen Adhesive is used without heating or additional dilution. It can be applied by roller or brush.

approx. 0.8 l / m²

Shelf life: at least 6 months
Store cool and dry. Prevent directly solar radiation.
Keeping away from catching light sources !

Health and fire protection
Keep out of the reach of children.
Do not eat, drink or smoke while working.
When working ensure that there is sufficient ventilation!
Pay Attention to the actual version of TRGS.
Do not use in enclosed areas!
Only in liquid state flammable and dangerous to the environment.
Keep away from fire.
After evaporation of the solvent, there is no more danger for the environment.
The bitumen-film is not hazardous for human, as well as the environment.

For further information please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet.

Waste disposal    
Only empty containers may be disposed of. Product waste is disposed of according to guideline no. 080409* (glues and insulation materials, which contain organic solvents or other dangerous products).

This data sheet replaces and annuls all previous technical information about the product.
The information has been compiled according to the state-of-the-art of application technology. However, please note that deviations from the operation method proposed in this data sheet may be necessary depending on the condition of the construction object. Unless agreed otherwise in individual contracts, all of the information contained in the data sheet is non-binding and therefore does not represent the agreed properties and conditions of the product. We reserve the right to make changes to the information contained in this data sheet at any time. We recommend that you take a look at our website for information concerning any changes.

Method of delivery    
  5 l metal pail    75 pails on a pallet
10 l metal pail    45 pails on a pallet
25 l metal pail    18 pails on a pallet 


Note technical rules!


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