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BORNIT® Anti Sulphate

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quick facts

BORNIT® Anti Sulphate
Solvent-free, colorless coat for masonry reconstruction against mortar-damaging salts and blooming, acts to solidify and impregnate.
Protect against frost!

Color: transparent

4 017228 004785 6900002779 1 kg single
4 017228 004624 6800000410 10 kg 60 canister
approx. 0.5-0.8 kg/m² for three passes
BORNIT® Antisulfat - 10 kg

detailed information

BORNIT® Anti Sulphate, soluble salts such as sulphates, chlorides and so on, which corrode mortar, are transformed into insoluble or difficult-to-dissolve salts, meaning that they can no longer damage the mortar. Apart from that, the treated construction material is reinforced and hardened and the mechanical abrading properties are improved. The creation of further efflorescence on the plaster is also prevented. The solution is not designated for gypsum products. BORNIT® Anti Sulphate does not contain lead.

BORNIT® Anti Sulphate is used as a supplementary treatment during the redevelopment of masonry and as a supplement for the hydro-insulation of cellars against salts, which damage the mortar and cause efflorescence. Apart from this, BORNIT® Anti Sulphate is used to increase the hardness of surfaces made of concrete, masonry (joints), plaster (lime and cement) and asbestos cement surfaces etc.

• does not contain lead, unlike other similar products
• does not contain solvents
• economical from the point of view of low tool and application requirements

Technical Data
Type solvent-free façade treatment
Solvent water
Colour transparent - light
Density 1.03 g/cm³
Surface a bit sticky
Working temperature min. +5°C
Consistency liquid
Application brush, spray
Storage sensitive to frost
The storage period 12 months
Cleaning immediately after use with water
Harmful substances during use see the “Health protection during work and fire protection” paragraph
Danger classes (VbF and ADR) none
GISBAU-product code M-GF 01

Mineral, solid, dry, absorbent and clean. Remove loose particles and damaged plaster and scrape the loose mortar from the joints. 

BORNIT®  Anti Sulphate does not require surface finishing after application.
It is applied to the base in three coats (in three layers) at an interval of 6 – 18 hours and this is undertaken using a brush or sprayer. Grade the product concentration:
1st coat - 1 part BORNIT® Anti Sulphate, 1 part water
2nd coat - 2 parts BORNIT® Anti Sulphate, 1 part water
3rd coat - undiluted BORNIT® Anti Sulphate
After three days, remove any excess material with a brush and paint the surface.

Approx. 500 to 800 g / m² in the case of the three coats as described above

The product is not sensitive to frost. The storage period is at least 1 year.

Health protection during work and fire protection: 
BORNIT® Anti Sulphate contains fluoride and it is classified as a Class II poison. It is necessary to take great care, when using it. Foodstuffs or consumables must not come into contact with BORNIT® Anti Sulphate. After treating surfaces with this product in the above-mentioned manner, the surfaces do not become poisonous.
It is necessary to protect glass, wall and floor tiles, plants and metals. Eyes and open wounds must be protected from the product. If the product comes into contact with the skin, the area of affected skin must be washed with water immediately.

Classification R (NSR)
R 22       The product presents a threat to health during use
Classification S (NSR)
S 2          The product must not come into the hands of children
S 13        Prevent the product from coming into contact with foodstuffs and beverages
S 24/25  Prevent the product from coming into contact with the skin or eyes

10 kg in a plastic canister....................60 canisters on a pallet


Note technical rules!
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