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BORNIT® Triangle Tape

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short info

BORNIT® Triangle Tape
Weldable elastomer tape for rapid and reliable coving in  buildings and civil engineering, especially suitable for sealant systems made of BORNIT®Thick coatings as well as welded and cold self-adhesive sheets, the melting causes a reliable adhe-sion between horizontal and vertical seals, elastic, resistant to aging, easy to work. Prime with BORNIT® Bitumen Primer or BORNIT® Basement Primer.

Color: black

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BORNIT® Triangle Tape - 25m

BORNIT® Triangle Tape - cross-section

detailed information

Product Description:
BORNIT® Triangle tape is a flexible polymer bitumen tape with a triangular profile and has a right angle at one side. It is designed for a quick, sure and simple sealing of joints, grooves and junctions between horizontal and vertical parts in construction and civil engineering. It is excellent waterproof, easy in application and suitable for year-round use.

Areas of Application:
- sealing of joints and uneven areas between concrete or asphalt sections by melting
- making grooves between horizontal and vertikal construction parts
- the simple creation of a waterproof transition between the horizontal and vertical hydro-insulation of buildings
- using in right angle corners before melting or sticking of bituminous membranes on roofs, bridges, basemants etc.
- using in right angle corners before the application of  bituminous thick coatings for sealing of basements and foundations
- highly flexible sealing of cracks and ruptures on bituminous and concrete roofs or asphalt surfaces

Technical data:

Type bitumen profile tape
Base polymer bitumen, additives, filler
Colour black
Density (20°C as per DIN 52 004) approx. 1.10 g/cm³
Consistency solid
Softening point as per RuK and DIN 52 011 about 110°C

All surfaces must be clean and dry. Remove dust, dirt, grease and oil. For a better adhesion it‘s recommended to prime the surface with BORNIT® Bitumen Bonding Primer
The BORNIT® Triangle Tape is spread out on the base and is then cut to the required length. The surface of the BORNIT® Triangle Tape is to be melted by using a propane-butane burner and immediately pressed onto the base. At the corners make a miter cut and connect the tops of the tape by welding in application.

It is necessary to ensure that the tape is fully adhered at the surface!

After application and cooling of BORNIT® Triangle Tape it’s immediately possible to carry on with the next working steps respectively sealing layers. 

The product’s storage period is at least 6months. It is necessary to protect the cartons  from moisture, direct sunlight or high temperatures.

BORNIT® Triangle Tape is delivered as a reeled tape, packed in cardboard boxes.
each box contains 5 rolls of 5 metres = 25 m / box....................24 boxes each pallet

 Angles: 90°, 45°, 45°


Protect from direct sunlight or high temperature
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