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short info

2-component, flexible sealing slurry for mineral sealing of buildings in areas in contact with soil, under tiles and surface pavements indoors and outdoors, for example on terraces and balconies, perfectly suitable for water-tight and wear-resistant coating of concrete elements, e.g. rainwater retention basins, etc., bridges hair-line and shrinkage cracks. With general  building authority test certificate.

Color: grey

4 017228 004594 6900002694 33 kg
25 kg powderand
  8 kg liquid-component

40 bags
40 canister
approx.3 kg/m² depending onlayer thickness
tests / CE declaration of performance
BORNIT®-Elastikschlämme - 25kg

detailed information

Product Description:
BORNIT® Slurry EL is a mineral and polymer-modified, two-component waterproofer with hydrophobic properties. After hardening the slurry becomes a watertight, elastic, wear- and tear resistant coating, at the same time providing excellent adhesion to all mineral substrates. The Slurry EL bridges cracks and has a significant abrasion resistance and an anticarbonation effect.
Inspection certificate No. 1293.01-02 by MPA Clausthal- Zellerfeld, Germany

Areas of Application:
BORNIT® Slurry EL is most suitable for application to surfaces subject to mechanical stress and crack-prone substrates, e.g. as waterproofing layer on terraces and balconies, as protection for concrete surfaces, as waterproofing for drinking water tanks, swimming pools, wet- and damp rooms and as sub-layer for tiles.

Technical data:
Type flexible Dichtungsschlämme
Aggregate state dry component: powder (grey)
polymer component: milky liquid (white)
Colour mixed and hardened light grey
Density powder:   1.10 - 1.30 g/cm³
liquid:     1.03 g/cm³
Pot life 1 hours, depending on temperature
Processing temperature (air and surface) min. + 5°C, max. 40°C
Weather resistance approx. 3 hours at 20°C
Crack bridging capacity 0,3 mm at a 2 mm thickness of layer
Tightness to pressurized water 0,6 mm at a 4 mm thickness of layer
Mixing ratio by weight 7 Bars
Curing time approx. 3 parts powder : 1 part liquid
elasticized waterproofing slurry 1 to 3 days
GISBAU-Productcode powder
GISBAU-Productcode mixtue

Surface preparation
The substrate to be sealed has to be solid, clean, sound and even. The surface must be free from voids, large cracks or ridges. Dust, dirt, grease, bitumen and oil have to be removed. The surfaces to be coated should be water washed but slightly damp during application.
Mix both components (25 kg powder + 8 kg liquid), by adding the powder component to the liquid component, homogeneously with a slow speed mechanical mixer for at least 3 minutes.
Do not apply at temperatures below +5°C or above 40°C of air and surface. BORNIT® Slurry EL may be applied by trowel or brush. The mixture is applied in at least two coats of an overall thickness of 2-3 mm. Apply the second coat after the first coat is dry and damp the surface before application. Keep the surface damp during the curing time. The coat must be able to dry out completely for a minimum of 3 days before it comes into contact with water again.

This product must be stored cool, dry and frost- free.
Shelf life in unopened, original packaging is at least 12 months.

Approx. 1,5 kg / m² at a 1 mm thickness of layer

Health and Safety:
BORNIT®  Slurry EL contains cement. Irritating to eyes and skin. May cause sensitisation by skin contact. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Wear suitable gloves. Provide good ventilation if inside.
For further information please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet.

Dry component.....................25 kg paper bags......................40 bags each pallet
Liquid component..................8 kg PE- container..................40 container each pallet


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Stock Note


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