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BORNIT® 1K (Thick Bitumencoating)

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quick facts

BORNIT® 1K (Thick Bitumencoating)fundamentdicht 1k 32liter 225px
bituminous thick coat compliant with DIN 18195 (2000-08), polystyrene filled, highly polymer-modified, excellent crack bridging, solvent-free, for application without waterproof plaster, stable up to 7 mm layer thickness, for sealing buildings, with general building authority test certificate, for vertical and horizontal surfaces, applicable indoors and outdoors, and suitable for the adhesion of insulation boards. Prime with BORNIT® Basement Primer.
protect against frost!
Color: black

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12 liters
32 liters
44 pails
18 buckets
approx. 4.3 liter/m² depending on water impact class
insulation board adhesion: approx.2 liter/m²
tests / CE declaration of performance

detailed information

Product Description:
BORNIT® 1K is a one-component, thixotrophic Thick Bitumencoating based on a modified bitumen emulsion. BORNIT® 1K is filled with polystyrene and is solvent-free. It is flexible and watertight and it covers any cracks in the base. The product has been tested as per the current valid “Testing Principles for the Issuing of Construction Certification for Bitumen thick coatings” guideline.
General construction certificate number: P-2001-4-433/02

Areas of Application:
BORNIT® 1K is excellent for the following uses:
- waterproofing as bituminous thick layer for the hydro-insulation of structures against ground dampness and non-pressure and pressure water and for the hydro-insulation of terraces and balconies (under the cement finish) against capillary action dampness and surface water.
- for gluing thermal insulation panels, such as protection against noise, heat and cold onto concrete, plaster, masonry and dry construction panels (not suitable on polystyrene foam bases!)
- for the permanent, flexible and reliable sealing of surfaces

The thick coating can be used universally on all common mineral bases, such as concrete or masonry consisting of cement bricks, lime cement bricks, bricks or perforated blocks, as well as on surfaces with a plaster or cement finish.

your benefits:
• due to low material weight very easily be smoothed over
• sprayed with suitable equipment
• Highly flexible with high quality polystyrene and plastic remuneration
• no mixing immediately ready for processing
• After drying waterproof and crack-bridging
• at full flush and verfugtem masonry is no rendering required
• No seams as films or membranes
• insulation boards glued to concrete, masonry and cured thick coatings
• environmentally friendly as solvents

Produktdaten in Kurzform
Art 1-component Thick Bitumencoating 
Base modified bitumen emulsion
solvent None
Color black
Density ca. 0,65- 0,68 g/cm³
Consistency pasty, stable
Application trowel or suitable spraying equipment
Waterproofing waterproof to slot pressure test according to DIN 52 123
Cure time 3 to several days, depending on humidity, temperature, film thickness and substrate
Air and substrate temperature during processing at least +5°C
Storage it must not freeze!
Storage period at least 6 months
poss. layer thickness up to 7 mm
Cleaning when fresh using water, after drying using BORNIT® Bitumen Stain Cleaner
Harmful substances covered by the regulations on operating None
Notification status None
GISBAU product code BBP 10

Surface preparation
Step 1: The substrate must be free from ridges or sharp-edged unevennesses as well as soil.
Step 2: Unfilled or badly filled depressions like masonry joints, mortar pockets or  surface defects larger than 5 mm have to be repaired with suitable mortar. It is  not necessary to apply plaster to fully or well-pointed masonry. Voids smaller  than 5 mm as well as pores in the substrate can be closed by applying a thick  layer of bitumen coating in a scraping manner. Especially for concrete  surfaces, application in a scraping manner is recommended to avoid blistering.
Step 3: The substrate must be solid, clean, dust-free and free from any separating  substances. The substrate should be absorbent. It may be slightly damp, but  never wet.
Step 4: A primer withBORNIT® Basement Primer or BORNIT® Unibit (diluted with water 1:2) is generally applied to the substrate. For the consolidation of sanding surfaces, priming with BORNIT® Solidificator is recommended. With a scratch coat with bitumen coating the primer is applied before. A scratch coat does not replace the primer. After drying of the undercoat of the base for the application of the scratch coat or the thick coating is prepared.
Important: Thick bitumen coatings can be damaged during the construction phase by water affecting the backside of the layer. It has to be made sure in any case, that the coating is not damaged by water affecting the adhesive side. If necessary, water-impermeable intermediate layers of mineral waterproofing slurry (e.g. BORNIT® Slurry SF, BORNIT® Slurry EL) must be applied, which cannot be detached from the substrate by water pressure.

Application of thick coating:
BORNIT® 1K is delivered ready to use. Application is carried out on the dried bonding primer by using a trowel or a suitable spraying equipment. Usually, the thick layer is applied in two working operations, because a uniform insulation layer is achieved during the two-layer application. The spreading of the filler over the entire surface using the serrated filling knife or smoothing trowel can represent the first layer. In the case of hydro-insulation against pressure water, two layers must be applied at an overall thickness (when wet) of at least 7 mm (consumption ca. 7 litres/m²). The fresh layer must be protected from rain and direct sunshine.
BORNIT® 1K may be used at a minimum air and base temperature of +5°C. Insulation panels may be affixed once the BORNIT® 1K has completely dried. In principle, it is necessary to protect the bitumen insulation layer. Suitable protective layers consist of polystyrene foam panels, burled films and similar materials. The filling up of the excavation may be carried out once the insulation layer has completely dried (after 3 or more days according to the climatic conditions).

approx. 4.5 – 5.0 litres per m² >    thickness of wet layer:  4.5 – 5.0 mm
                                                 >    thickness of dry layer:   3.1 – 3.4 mm

BORNIT® 1K must be protected from frost!  It is necessary to avoid temperatures of +30°C and direct sunlight.  Shelf life in unopened, original packaging is at least 6 months.

Health, safety and fire protection:
Safety advice: Do not empty into drains. Avoid contact with skin.

Only empty containers may be recycled. Residual product according to GCU ASN. (Those glue-waste adhesives and sealants other than those mentioned in 080409) 080410 waste.

32 liter per pail....................18 containers per pallet
12 liter per pail....................44 packs per pallet

BORNIT® Accelerator for 1K (thick Bitumencoating): 420 g per can....................24 cans per carton


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