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BORNIT® Glass Fabric 165

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BORNIT® Glass Fabric 165
Reinforcement core for waterproofing with bituminous thick coats compliant with DIN 18195 Part 5 and 6 especially  suitable for BORNIT® 1K (Thick Bitumencoating) and BORNIT® 2K (Thick Bitumencoating), BORNIT® Profi 1K Express, BORNIT® 2K Flex (Thick Bitumencoating) as well as for BORNIT® Flexbit.
Grammage: 165 g/m²

Color: white

4 017228 004167 6800000481 50 m-roll,
100cm wide
33 rolls
glasgittergewebe 165 50m 150px


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