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BORNIT® Filling Stick

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short info

BORNIT® Filling Sticks
For drilled hole injection: to effectively dose BORNIT® Injektil Super into the drilled hole without any waste.

Color: grey/white/red

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per hole one stick
BORNIT® Filling Stick - 45 cm

detailed information


BORNIT® Filling sticks are made of a special cellulose and leave the injection fluid evenly and invade directly into the building material. Fissures and cracks are bridged. Therefore, losses are avoided by injection of liquids. Through the use of BORNIT® Filling sticks eliminates in many cases, the filling of the boreholes with hole suspensions and frees the processor of a following free drilling.


For borehole injections for subsequent production of capillary water barriers in the cartridge process in masonry, concrete and plaster, to prevent rising damp and crawling, for example with BORNIT®-Injektil Super cartridges.

• easy to handle, ready to use, easy to cut to size
• no losses of injection material through voids or gaps in the building materials
• therefore economical and cost reducing

Product data in brief

Type Capillary
Storage dry in closed containers
Shelf live in original unopened containers unlimited


1. First prepare required holes in diameter 14 mm, corresponded to the respective chart.     The holes are carried out at an angle of approximately 40 ° down
up to 5 cm before the end of the wall. The bed joints should be crossed. It is advisable      for wall thickness from 30 cm to drill from both sides to the middle.

2. Then the Capillary (Ø 12 mm) should be insert so far into the holes that the outlet tube of the cartridge out onto a Capillary. By simply overlaying setting or cutting of the rods is an adaptation possible to any wall thickness. However, it should be taken to ensure that the rods collide. A connection of the parts is possible with both ends plugged wire. The Capillary are pre-wetted with water to reach a swelling of the sticks

3. After that, the cartridges are inserted into the holes and kept there until they are completely empty.

4. Subsequently, close the holes with a hole-suspension (possibly color matched). The Capillary remain in the masonry after saturation of it.


Depending on the hole depth (length of Capillary: 450 mm)

Dry and in original packaging minimum 1 year shelf life.

BORNIT ®-Filling sticks must be protected from high humidity

Waste disposal
Material can be disposed of AVV-ASN: 030 399 (other waste not otherwise specified).


This datasheet replaces any previous technical information about the product. Thus, these are no longer valid. The details have been compiled according to the latest state of application technology. Please observe, however, that depending on the condition of the construction object, deviations from the procedures suggested in the datasheet may be required. Unless agreed otherwise in individual contracts, any information included in the datasheet are non-binding and thus do not represent an agreed product state. We reserve the right to change the information contained in the datasheet anytime. We recommend you inform yourself about possible changes on our Internet page www.bornit.de.

50 pieces per bundle


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