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The Application of Bitumen in Roofing, Wall, and Road Construction

The renovation and modernization of existing buildings gain importance year after year. The variety of products on the market is constantly increasing, becoming increasingly complex for the ambitious do-it-yourselfer as well as for the experienced professional. This all leads to the "million-dollar question" – which product will help me with my problem and how do I apply it?
On the BORNIT® Info-Channel, you will be expertly informed about the application possibilities of BORNIT® products in daily construction site use. You will learn the little tricks in the application and how each product can be used.

For all additional technical information, please visit our website in the "Products" section – or call our hotline at +49 375 27 95 123. Our in-house consultants will provide you with competent information on the topics of building sealing, road construction, and roofing.

The constant development and innovation in construction require solid knowledge and a precise understanding of the products and their application. At BORNIT®, we understand the challenges faced by builders and professionals. That's why we place great emphasis not only on offering high-quality products but also on providing comprehensive training and consultations.
Our goal is to support you in making the right decisions and finding the optimal solution for your construction projects. Visit our BORNIT® Info-Channel or contact our experts via our hotline to benefit from our many years of experience and expertise. We are your reliable partner for all questions concerning roofing, wall, and road construction.


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Take a look or give us a call – we look forward to your interest. Our dedicated team is at your disposal to assist you with questions about our products, applications, or specific requirements. We are happy to take the time to provide you with comprehensive information and individual advice. Let's find the best solution for your construction project together. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we are proud to offer you first-class customer service.

You can access the BORNIT®-TV Info Channel on YouTube via the link below. Here you will find a selection of application videos for our products.

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