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European trade fair closes with a new visitor record

Zwickau, January 2009

... and ensures a good mood in the construction industry

BAU 2009The BORNIT®-Fair team draws a consistently positive results after six days of visitors and would like to thank you for the interesting discussions again quite cordially.

The "small talk" with the visitors gave us good insights into current problems and needs of manufacturers and designers in the industry. Met with great interest the newly introduced, environmentally friendly product line "BORNIT® Green Line". It includes special, solvent-free bitumen products for the protection of structures in the roof and foundation area.

From the specter of "economic crisis" was on the main construction trade show in Europe to see anything. Interesting discussions with optimistic contract outlook shaped them, however. The industry presented itself sound and forward looking. The 1924 exhibitors spread a good mood among the guests.

The turnover generated by 211,000 visitors made the record BAU 2009 the most successful of its kind since its 40-year history.