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"BORNIT® Green Line" is great customer interest

Zwickau, June 2009

BORNIT®-Greenline At the fair for the construction, "Bau2009" in Munich, the new, environmentally friendly product line - the BORNIT®-GREEN LINE presented to the public. The product line will serve as future ecological alternative to traditional solvent-based bituminous products and includes several products, such as BORNIT®-Grundbit (bitumen primer), BORNIT®-Unibit (bitumen Isolieranstrich), BORNIT®-Dachbit (bitumen Dachlack), BORNIT®-Flexbit (highly elastic bitumen-latex coating) and in future the BORNIT®-Spachtelbit (bitumen-filler). All products are solvent-free and so reflect against the environmental awareness of BORNIT®.

The newly developed products based on a unique bitumen emulsion and enter the successor to the conventional solvent free-based bitumen products.
Significant advantages are provided in addition to the processing properties during transport and storage. The products of BORNIT®-GREEN LINE  shall, because of their solvents not freedom of the Dangerous Goods Ordinance GGVSE. Furthermore, they are in accordance with Regulation EC 1907/2006 (REACH) as non-hazardous and shall, because of their solvents not freedom of the VOC Directive (1999/13/EC).
The new, fresh appearance to round off the product line that is visually eye-catching and thus underlines the ecological character of the products.

The BORNIT®-GREENLINE products are "better" solution when it comes to bituminous building protection in accordance with environmentally conscious thinking.